"It's Smart Security!"  Security Alarms, Camera Systems & More!

Baton Rouge & South Louisiana 

Louisiana State Fire Marshal License F1802

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Would you let your plumber do electrical work in your home?  Probably not.... So why let your cable or phone company secure your home?   Save money and feel safe with an experienced security company.  With over 15 years experience and know-how to secure your home and business.   

We do that!!!

NO HOME PHONE NEEDED!!!  We offer different wireless communications options that fit your need.  

ITS SMART SECURITY WITH AUTOMATION!  Did you leave your home without arming your alarm??  Your system can text you a reminder once you leave.  Then arm your system from your phone.  Also get your outside lights to light up when your returning home automatically.  With Alarm.com the possibilities are endless.


FORGOT TO ARM YOUR SYSTEM OR LOCK THE DOOR???  You no longer need to be home to arm your system or lock/unlock your door.  Use your smart phone to control your home anywheres.    

HD CAMERA SYSTEMS!!  Quality footage is important when it comes to camera systems.  We have the system that fits your needs and fits in your budget.   

Why choose Us?

Big national companies can't give you what we offer.  Local monitoring with unbeatable customer service and technology to match.  Technical support available 24/7, so your never left alone without assistance.  No long waits to speak to a human.  We are always here to help.    

Security is important!